Nurse in The Beatles' Penny Lane identified after 40 years
A nurse referred to in the lyrics of The Beatles' song Penny Lane has finally been identified after more than 40 years.
Since the song was released in 1967 the identity of the "pretty nurse selling poppies from a tray" has remained a mystery. But a schoolfriend of John Lennon's, who has written a book about growing up in Liverpool, claims to have the answer. According to Stan Williams, she is Beth Davidson, who Lennon would have known from childhood.
The moment which provided the inspiration came when Miss Davidson was selling poppies on Penny Lane, dressed in a cadet nurse's uniform. Some boys, including Lennon, saw her near Bioletti's barber's shop - also mentioned in the song - and struck up a conversation with her.
It is recognised that Paul McCartney wrote most of the Penny Lane lyrics, but Mr Williams, 68, is convinced that Lennon contributed the nurse reference. The song says: "Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout, the pretty nurse is selling poppies from the tray, and though she feels she's in a play, she is anyway."
Miss Davidson went on to marry Pete Shotton, a close friend of Lennon's and fellow member of The Quarrymen, the forerunner of The Beatles. She died from cancer in the 1970s. Mr Williams said: "In my mind's eye, I still like to visit that special October day in 1954 when Beth had her image trapped within the lens of Lennon's creative imagination."

Otra vez el viejo y, en mi opinión, falso mito de que todo lo bueno que tienen las canciones de McCartney, lo hizo Lennon. Claro que es una opinión subjetiva. Tan subjetiva como las mentiras que se dedicó a difundir en las entrevistas que concedió en los setenta Lennon, cuando se permitió el lujo de vilipendiar la imagen de su ex compañero y se empeñó en atribuirse la autoría de las canciones de los Beatles, siempre ante el silencio de McCartney, que nunca se molestó en desmentir.

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